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The Plan - New York City 2600

About The Plan

Previous Entry The Plan Oct. 30th, 2009 @ 06:40 pm Next Entry
A bunch of us worked out our plan of attack over IMs. We're going to start gathering in front of the entrance to the Hotel Pennsylvania at around 3. We'll hang out there and wait for more of us until around 4:30, when we'll grab a C/E to Spring St, and meet the rest of us by the line-up area. Where is unforeseeable; they block off the zone in weird and different ways every year, so we'll have to find a place and wing it. I'll have my phone on me and will be trying to corral folks via calls and texts, so if I don't have your info and you would like me to, get in touch!

There are more details in a mass BCC'd email I just sent out to everyone I know of who is interested. If you want to join up and you haven't yet gotten an email from me, get in touch and I'll forward it on to you!

Also: yay!
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