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New York City 2600

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NYC 2600 Hackers Meeting July Movies Jul. 13th, 2007 @ 11:28 pm
Subway Train:

NYC Hackers Meeting July 2007 Part One from Sidepocket and Vimeo.

Big Spiny Box with Horrible Singing:

NYC Hackers Meeting July 2007 Part Two from Sidepocket and Vimeo.

Rapture Cafe to see Urchin at 9:00 Sunday -- Meeting Place Idea Jun. 27th, 2007 @ 02:20 pm
Ok, I know that MUD while successful had mix reactions. Some liked the place, others have not. This does not mean I have not stopped looking, and I think I found another place.

Rapture Cafe (http://www.rapturecafe.com/) is located at 200 Avenue A between 12th and 13th Streets, on the site of the former Karova Milk Bar on that venerable avenue’s northernmost stretch. It seems to have good spacing, free Wi-Fi owned by the place, independent cafe, independent library and performances/parties on certainty days.

The only possible "negative" side I can see is that some of the late night programming has gays/trans, but considering the open nature of our meeting and with a few gay/bi members: I see this as not a problem unless fist fights occur.

Coincidentally, the last debut of the movie Urchin (http://www.urchinthemovie.com/) is screening there Sunday July 1st at 9:00PM.

I am personally going to there at 8:00pm to check the place out, ask questions, and see the Urchin movie. If anyone NYC2600'ers or anyone else would like to meet up for this, please feel free to do so.

The other reason I am going there is because if Rapture is as good as it sounds, then this could be ANOTHER alternative spot for alt.coffee. Free Wi-Fi, books, coffee, space and also location as seen here:

If that is not convince I do not know what is.

So that is the low down. I hope things work out, and go Urchin!

P.S. Why every time I post here the page a splodes!?!
Current Mood: dorky

May NYC Hacker Meeting Vids May. 17th, 2007 @ 05:29 pm
Sorry for the darkness of my Crappy Camera. It needs proper lighting which both places did not have:

NYC Hacker Meeting Vids Apr. 13th, 2007 @ 08:22 am
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Computer Parts Ahoy for April's Meeting! Mar. 26th, 2007 @ 12:32 pm
Hello, Sidepocket here. You know me from the meetings and for being an asshole and if you dont...then WTF is wrong with you son!?!

Anyhow, as many have known I have lots of old computer stuff. Towers, drives and circut shit. Some were so shot after the flood in my basement I had to scrap them. Lost alot of good parts that way. My life...

Anyhow, I plan now that in each meeting, I will now be actualy usefull and bring in parts to sell.

Here is my first one: A PS/2 Type 8555. Er no, not Playstation 2. This is made by IBM.

When I get off my ass to my tool set, I will open the case and post pictures of the parts.


-- Sidepocket
Other entries
» It was bound to happen.

It's still a bit shaky, but I do like how it's starting out. Feedback from local nerds is required! Thanks in advance.

(I am aware that the stylesheet tends to go buggy as hell in MSIE. This isn't intentional, but perhaps I shall advertise it as a feature.)
» (No Subject)

Citigroup Fading...
» Driving NY/NJ area to DEFCON
We will leave NY/NJ area on or around July 31st. We will get a rental car and drive. No it's not cheap but we think a cross country trip would be fun. We will stop along the way as we see cool stuff along the way. We will be in Vegas in time for toxic BBQ.

It will be about $140 plus gas. If we take only 1 other person be prepared to chip in for 1/3rd in the very unlikely event we take a van instead of a full size sedan and if the other 3 people agree maybe we will consider taking a 4th person so be prepared to chip in for 1/4th of the rental and gas. Ideally if you and a friend want to go this might work out.

We do want to meet who ever might go with us. Being weird/strange is fine and in fact encouraged but if we are uncomfortable being around you sorry we rather go alone.

Please don't post sob stories we'll just laugh about them next time we drink.

Added: you will be of legal age!!! I do not want to explain to an Arizona state trooper why there is some 15 year old kid from NY in a back of a speeding car going to vegas.
» NYC2600 Chinese New year outting!
Okay. Tomorrow is the first day of Chinese new year, and therefore, it's a celebration, bitches!
All are invited...but RSVP so I'll know how many people will show.


Chinatown's 3rd Annual Lunar New Year Flower Market
Saturday, January 28th, 10am - 6pm
Columbus Park

New Year's Day Culture Festival & Fireworks Ceremony
Sunday, January 29th
Firecracker Ceremony: Noon at Chatham Square
Culture Festival: 1pm-5pm at intersection of Mott & Bayard Streets

Tomorrow, 11a, meet here:
Sweet and Tart Cafe
20 Mott St,
New York 10013
Btwn Pell & Division St
Phone: 212-964-0380

Backup if this place fails:
Dim-Sum A Go-Go
5 E Broadway
New York 10038
Btwn Catherine St & Chatham Sq
Phone: 212-732-0797

Seeya kids there!
» How cute...
Your nyc2600 community events calendar:

Upcoming events:

Tonight (September 9th)
Dinner @ Yakitori Taisho (Japanese Kebab place), 8p
5 St. Mark's Place, Manhattan.

Might catch the UCB (Upright Citizen's Brigade) 9:30p or 11p show.

The Dinner should be around $15/head, and UCB tickets are $8 each.

RSVP with either me or wildmanlex, please.

This coming Monday, September 12, 6pm
Subway Security Public Debate
Auditorium, CUNY Graduate Center
365 Fifth Avenue, Manhattan

This coming Thursday (September 15th)
Unigroup NYC meeting
Downtown Alliance NYC HQ
104 Washington Street, Manhattan

$5 admission.

Topic: Computing Compliance with UNIX/Linux

Next Saturday (September 17th)


New York City BSD Conference
Davis Auditorium, Columbia University
W116th Street and Broadway, Manhattan

Register before 9/10, $20, Afterwards it's $40.

More to be entered. STAY TUNED!
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